Ciao im Bella Ciao!

The new restaurant at Dünencamping Amrum

Bella Ciao is our new restaurant at Dünencamping Amrum. Since May, we have been welcoming islanders and island guests in addition to our "house guests". We spoil our guests with fresh pizza from the stone oven and other delicacies from the Italian kitchen, as well as various surprises from the grill. But our pasta dough deserves a special mention at this point: it is fresh and homemade according to a traditional southern Italian pasta secca recipe. We are also particularly proud of the balanced vegetarian and vegan selection on our menu, where we have one of the largest selections on the entire island. We cook with fresh ingredients as often as possible, which we then source from regional fresh traders. Tomatoes, potatoes and eggs, for example, come from the immediate Amrum neighbourhood. These can also be purchased and tasted at the Inselmarkt.


Build your own favourite pizza!

We always start with a Margherita pizza and everyone decides for themselves what goes on it. If you wish (or if you have intolerances), we can of course also offer a pizza without cheese.

Since we're not a fan of "that's on the bottom, but that's on top" orders, but still want to make everyone their favourite pizza, we've decided to go this new route. We have (almost) all the ingredients you can imagine on a pizza - and also pineapple. Each ingredient has its own price and everyone can put together their own pizza the way they like it. As a finish, there is homemade garlic oil or chilli oil (only if you want it, of course) on top for free.

Here are our ingredients (sorted by ascending price): Mushrooms 0.50 | Onions 0.50 | Pineapple 0.50 | Peppers 0.50 | Vegetable corn 0.50 | Olives 1.00 | Spinach 1.00 | Sliced tomatoes 1.00 | Cooked ham 1. 50 | Salami 1.50 | Tuna 1.50 | Rocket 1.50 | Feta 1.50 | Mozzarella extra 1.50 | Sliced Parmesan 2.00 | Grilled vegetables 2.00 | Parma ham 2.50 | Salsiccia picante 2.50 | Salmon 3.00

No one has ordered a pizza with all the ingredients yet - so the first person to do so will get a grappa on the house and a souvenir photo afterwards!

Indoors, in the conservatory or on the piazza

Italian flair on Amrum

Our restaurant is completely new. Inside you can sit comfortably with the look of a fireplace and enjoy a nightcap at our bar. If you prefer to sit outside but still want restaurant flair, our winter garden is just the right place. Our covered outdoor area has comfortable seating and we are also prepared for the occasional very Nordic weather: with heat lamps and blankets it is still nice and cosy outside in the conservatory, even with a little breeze. Inside and in the conservatory you have the full selection from our menu.

We have also activated a small menu for our guests on the Piazza: Here, everything works digitally and (almost) contactless: you simply order with a code that you find on your table. Order, pay and you're done! We will then bring everything fresh from the restaurant to your table. By the way: The beer garden rule applies at the Piazza - you order something from us and are then also welcome to bring something to eat yourself! 

Look in our menu

Here comes the current food and drink menu to download

Opening hours and contact

We are always open Thursdays to Sundays from 17:00 to 22:00!

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday are closed.

The closing days apply to our entire restaurant offer, including the offer on the Piazza. Our pizza "to go" will be available again in September. Unfortunately, this is not possible during the high season for organisational reasons. 

Bella Ciao
Restaurant at Dünencamping Amrum