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Camping has several sides: A couple of you may travel with a few well-thought-out pieces and want to be on the road with only the bare necessities. Others simply enjoy the proximity to nature and do not want to miss out on luxury on vacation, and sometimes treat themselves. As different as the requirements of our guests may be, we hope to have found a small common ground with our Inselmarkt. We are always very focused on the freshness and regionality during the selection of our products.

Eco-friendly BReakfast

Making a big impact with small steps only

Every morning from 8 the Inselmarkt opens its doors to treat you with fresh baked goods: Buns, bread, croissants, and cakes are available daily - without pre-ordering. a wide selection of fruit spreads from our partner "Marmetube" from Hamburg is available for breakfast. Sustainable and delicious - from the tube: Perfect for traveling with a camper or tent. Space-saving, 100% recycled materials, and low weight. In addition, without preservatives or dyes and is at least as tasty as conventional jam. Try one of our many flavors! And if you want to have a coffee or hot chocolate with your delicious breakfast, you are welcome to do so with our reusable cup "Gino". We no longer use paper or plastic cups.

The Selection in the Inselmarkt

Of course, with the Inselmarkt we primarily have a small supermarket directly on the campsite, which carries the most important products for daily needs. Fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, sausage, cheese, canned foods, but also hygiene products - whatever you need. Mueslis, sweets, coffee, even the cliché canned ravioli, and much more. If you are missing something, please let us know. The product selection will be extended and changed from time to time. Of course, some of our guests would like to enjoy their vacation to the fullest, which is why you can find a small, fine selection of wines in our store, in addition to Amrum spirits. Matching to it: Amrum specialties, which we present to you further down the page.


And of course... Everybody who has ever been camping will know it: You always forget something. Many employees at Dünencamping are enthusiastic campers themselves and about the little things and emergencies during camping vacations: From A like adapter to Z like Zip-Lock-Bags, we are equipped for campers, caravanners, and motorhome owners and thus prepared for one or another eventuality prepared.  

For our Four-legged Friends

But also our four-legged friends can shop a little in the Inselmarkt: For feasting, there is especially delicious according to the campsite dogs at least) and gently produced dog food from Sweden: with the manufacturer Magnusson we have a small cooperation, because we share the most important values. Magnusson produces natural products based on high-quality ingredients from Swedish agriculture and uses, as the only fry food manufacturer in the world, only fresh meat, and no meat flour. In addition, you can find fluffy dog bathrobes (perfect for a vacation at the Northern Sea) made out of organic cotton in the Inselmarkt.

Regional Products

Amrum specialities from the neighborhood

Farm Martinen in Süddorf: 

  • Amrumer Hennen-Schnack Eggnog
  • Pickled MEat
  • Fresh Egg 
  • During Peak Season: GRilled MEat and other BEef Products

Likedeeler in Steenodde:

  • Homemade Labskaus
  • Likedeeler Gin
  • REd Wine
  • White Wine

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