The most frequently asked questions and answers

We have collected and summarised the most frequently asked questions that we currently receive. We hope that the first or most important questions may already be answered here. If your question has not yet been answered here, we look forward to receiving an email at



In the high season (June 15th - September 15th) we are on site for you daily from 7:30 - 12:30 and 13:30 to 20:30. In the low season daily from 8:00 - 12:30 and 14:30 to 19:00
You must currently have one of the following points everywhere in Schleswig-Holstein. VACCINATED - If you have already been fully vaccinated (the last vaccination was more than 14 days ago), please bring your vaccination certificate or the digital proof in the Corona app. RECOVERED - You will need written confirmation from the relevant district office that infection with SARS-COV2 has been present and proven. TESTED - All persons aged 6 years and over who do not meet the first two points require a test that is no more than 48 hours old for arrival. This must be done at a certified testing centre. Self-administered tests are not permitted. Please provide proof of one of the points at check-in. The previously required follow-up test every 72 hours will no longer apply from 20.9.21. Furthermore, the following hygiene rules apply on our site: In the reception and in the supermarket a mask must be worn (medical or FFP2), in the sanitary building this is no longer officially required. Furthermore, as of 20.9.21, the contact data collection in the restaurant, as well as the minimum distance of 1.5m has been abolished (a 3G option as mentioned above is a prerequisite).
As part of the renovation work at the campsite, we have resorted to a VoIP system and have since been waiting for the announced fibre optic connection. Occasionally we can fall back on the telephone in order to be able to clarify complex concerns more effectively, but unfortunately it is currently not possible for us to permanently and fully staff the telephone. We therefore ask you to send us an e-mail with your request. In really time-critical cases, we can also be reached via WhatsApp or Facebook.
First of all, EVERYONE gets a reply to their email. Due to the current situation, however, there will be delays in replying to messages. We therefore ask you for 2-3 days patience and thank you for your understanding.


Our booking tool here on the website (to be found under the tab "Booking") always reflects the current status of available places. The quickest and easiest way for us and for you is to book directly online. You will also receive direct information about available places and prices.
This year we are open until 31.10.21 and still have places available in the autumn. Next year the site will be open from 1 April to 31 October 2022. Furthermore, we are working on a way to be able to provide camper pitches over the winter as well.
We always recommend booking a place and a ferry at the same time and, above all, in good time. Places for motorhomes and long caravans are limited on the ferries and always go quickly. Unfortunately, there is no possibility of a "waiting area" on our site - and unfortunately we cannot influence the ferry places and times. Please note that any rebooking of the pitch involves considerable extra work on our part, which is why we will be charging a processing fee of €35.00 for all rebookings from 2022 onwards.
You are welcome to arrive regularly from 12:00 noon until the last ferry. Please note our respective reception opening hours in your travel period. You can always find the current opening hours under the "Contact" tab. If the reception is not manned at the time of your arrival, we kindly ask you to wait a short time (during the lunch break) and then check in. If you should arrive on the last ferry, we will show you to your place (or an alternative overnight place) and retain a pass. You then simply arrive at your leisure and check in the next morning. However, you will already be charged in full for the night. Should you wish to use your place earlier, this must be agreed with us in writing in advance. An early arrival before 12:00 noon is only possible after consultation, availability of the pitch/rental object and against payment of a fee of 10.00 €. Please do not arrive earlier "on the off chance" without prior agreement, as otherwise we will have major manoeuvring problems in our driveway.
The site must be free again at 10:00 a.m., so check out before that. If you want to leave before 8:00 a.m., please check out the evening before. Holidaymakers with caravans should also take into account that the caravans have to be pulled out of the dunes by tractor. For this reason, please contact reception the day before to make an appointment, and a groundsman will be available. Should you wish to stay longer than 10:00 a.m., it is possible to book a late check-out (only after prior consultation and availability of the pitch!). For a fee of € 10.00 you can extend the departure time to 14:00. If you leave after 14:00 (and again only after prior arrangement and availability of the pitch), you will be charged an additional full night.
In principle, you are free to decide when and for how long you would like to stay with us. However, if a firm booking has been made and the place kept free for you accordingly, this is binding for both parties. A pro rata (refund) of the stay costs is therefore not possible.


There is a free guest WLAN at the reception. Unfortunately, there is no further WLAN on the site that we can make available to our guests. We are dependent on hotspot solutions ourselves to maintain our technical infrastructure. The promised connection to the island's fibre optic network is unfortunately delayed. We are hoping here from month to month that it will go ahead. However, numerous cafés on Amrum offer WLAN access.
The power lockers have been increased and there are now enough free lockers. You will find them at the reception building. Here you can charge your mobile phones, powerbanks, toothbrushes, etc. The locker can be rented for 24 hours for €2. Just come to the reception and borrow the locker. We write down the name and the duration, and you pay in advance. Then you get the key for the locker. We do not give any guarantee for valuables etc. in the locker.
Yes, we have already been able to install some new electricity supply points for campers in the dunes this year. If you need electricity, please click on this when booking. You have to bring your own long cable (the longer the cable, the more flexible you are in your choice of site) with a CEE plug. We recommend a 25-metre rubber power cable with a diameter of at least 2.5 mm². Alternatively, tents can of course also use our electricity lockers, which are a good alternative to a "fixed" electricity connection, especially for "occasional electricity tankers".
Yes, there are a few (few) refrigerated lockers. These can be borrowed at the reception. In addition, there is a large freezer, which is accessible to the public. Everyone is responsible for their own food in here, please store your food in your own box or bag so that it does not wander loosely through the chest. We reserve the right to dispose of food without notice if it can almost come to us on its own when we open the chest.
Yes, barbecuing is possible, but only with an electric or gas barbecue. Unfortunately, barbecuing with charcoal is not possible on the entire campsite area and is officially prohibited for nature conservation reasons.