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Book online and take a dune holiday

Camping at Dünencamping Amrum is not just camping. It's opening the door and looking out into the greenery. It's feeling the sand under your feet as soon as you step out of the camper van or tent. It's watching the blades of grass sway to the light sea breeze at breakfast. And feeling Frisian nature directly, being in harmony with it and slowing down. Enjoy your holiday in the middle of the dune landscape and book your next camping holiday on Amrum here.

Can I choose a place or book a fixed place?
We are currently working on a category booking system in which you can narrow down the location of your desired place. At the moment, however, the seat numbers in the reservations have no meaning and are only used for internal organisation. Of course, we always try to accommodate requests, but there is no guarantee.
What do I need to consider when planning my trip and booking?
You can only get to the island of Amrum by ferry! Places are limited and therefore it is essential to book a ferry directly when booking a place at Dünencamping and it is best to find out about suitable connections in advance. We therefore expressly point out that it is best to book these two items at the same time.
Can you park a camper van on a caravan site?
Our caravan sites are located in the dunes and the caravans are pulled onto the sites by a tractor. It is therefore important that the pitches are booked according to the vehicle category. Motorhomes are in the front, paved area, followed by caravans and tents behind. Cars are not allowed on the campsite.